The Sanctuary 

To teach the Sanctuary services



The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

These are pdf studies on the Sanctuary or the Tabernacle in the wilderness that GOD got Moses to have the people build. Studies on the courtyard, curtains, gate into the courtyard. What the different colours mean. The different offerings that were required. The tent and the furniture inside - the table of showbread, the altar of incense, the golden candlestick and the ark of the covenant. The coverings over the Tabernacle. What they were made of, the colours. Also there are studies of the feast days and what they represent. This study will explain what it all represents, including the colours of the curtains and what they represent and symbolise.

Here is a diagram of the Tabernacle.

 pdfThe Sanctuary Drawing52.47 KB 


The Courtyard


pdfThe courtyard and curtain wall74.45 KB

pdfThe curtain wall pillar74.95 KB

pdfThe gate99.57 KB

pdfThe brazen altar65.81 KB

pdfThe laver95.66 KB

pdfThe Offerings51.58 KB 

pdfThe Whole Burnt Offering39.57 KB

pdfThe Continual Burnt Offering35.31 KB

pdfThe Meat and Drink Offering67.24 KB 

pdfThe Trespass Offering43.74 KB

pdfThe Peace Offering50.18 KB

pdfThe Offering of the Red Heifer44.84 KB

 pdfThe Cleansing of the Leper47.92 KB


The Tent Tabernacle


pdfThe Walls and Floor44.47 KB

pdfThe Veils and their Pillars49.69 KB

pdfThe Roof51.98 KB

pdfThe Holy Place Part 158.31 KB

pdfThe Holy Place part 249.46 KB

pdfThe Holy Place Part 357.48 KB

pdfThe Christian Walk Through The Tabernacle41.79 KB

pdfThe Most Holy Place Part 161.79 KB

pdfThe Mercy Seat35.56 KB

pdfThe Shekinah Glory34.56 KB


The Holy days and Feast days

pdfThe Passover62.71 KB

pdfThe feast of unleavened bread37.68 KB

pdfThe Wave Sheaf32.84 KB

pdfThe feast of harvest40.63 KB

pdfThe feast of trumpets38 KB

pdfThe Day of Atonement part 144.22 KB

pdfThe Day of Atonement part 237 KB

pdfThe Day of Atonement part 343.05 KB

pdfDuties on day of Atonement44.72 KB

pdfThe Jubilee37.05 KB

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